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Document of Foundation

Decree of foundation mentioned in 1.1. gives a very detailed specification of the functions of the National Park. Here a summary of aims is given according to chapter 1.5. of the Management and Development Plan prepared in 1990 the Hortobágy National Park has to:

- protect and improve the characteristic natural values of Hortobágy and preserve the peculiar landscape, flora and fauna of Hortobágy,

- safeguard undisturbed breeding and migration of the specific avifauna of the Hortobágy,

- preserve and interpret in authentic form the traditional way of life of the plains, the ancient breeds of domestic animals, cultural values and historical monuments of the Hortobágy, considering their outstanding national and international importance."

Administration structure

 Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park Directorate
Szilágyi Gábor

General Deputy director
Kapocsi István
Economic deputy director
Kertészné Zsuga Zsófia
 Legal, Organising and Secretary Department
 Consulting Board