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The first and so far the biggest National Park of Hungary was established – after several decades of preparatory work supported by Nobel prize laureates - in 1973 on a 52000 ha area. This original area is entirely an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The recent (1999) area is about 80000 hectares. Wetlands of international importance occupying about one third of the HNP area are protected by the Ramsar Convention.

The Hortobágy National Park has been inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO on the 1st of December in 1999 in the category of cultural landscapes, based on cultural criteria iv and v. According to its brief description „the Hortobágy is a vast area of plains and wetlands that have been used by humans for grazing their domestic animals for more than two millennia.

To protect the characteristic natural values and to insure the conditions of demonstration in the Hortobágy there are three different areas destined for visitors. The three demonstration trails: Szálkahalom Nature trail, Hortobágy fishpond and the marshes of Egyek-Pusztakócs give an overciew of important habitats, natural and historical heritage. The nature trails are equipped with information boards.

Access is permitted only with entrance card.

It can be purchased in the Visitor Centre of the national park in Hortobágy village, in the Western resthouse and in the HNP headquater in Debrecen (Sumen u. 2.). Further information is also available in the headquarter of the HNP (Tel: 52/349-922).

Visiting rules

To protect the very rich natural heritage, the national park has a zonation system. Admission to the A zone (natural zone) is possible only with strict restrictions for research purposes, to the B zone (managed zone)only with some time or space restrictions with a guide. C zone can be visited unaccompanied.

Information boards help visitors at the stations and along the demonstration trails.

All the plant and animal species are protected in the area of HNP. Disturbing and damaging them are strictly prohibited. So are hunting and angling.

Domestic animals living free can be approached with the permission of their owner.

Please don’t leave dirt roads with vehicles and don’t drive on roads soaked! Bikepath goes on dirt road so it is suitable only for practiced cyclists.

Please don’t drink from open wells! Please protect the waters of Hortobágy! Don’t leave litter about!

Camping in the area of HNP is prohibited! Making fire is permitted only in the designated spots! Smokers have to be careful because the dry grassland easily catches fire.

If somebody notices special or rare species please inform the HNP Directorate (52/349-922)

Members of the HNP ranger service are authorized to request the entering people to prove their identity and they can order them to leave the HNP when they carry out forbidden activity.